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Professional Plastic injection molding company in China

Professional Injection mold company

Shenzhen 3K Mold Co., Limited founded in the beginning of 2011, Original intention is providing precision molds which quality level is signally higher than other mold makers, to customers in Automotive industry, Consuming electronics, packaging and medical industry, after many years development, management is improved day by day, quality level is higher and higher stably, capacity and efficiency is increased year by year, now we can produce 300 sets middle and small size precision molds (8 Tons and less), 80% Export to Germany, France and US market.

After many years developing in injection molds technology, 3K Mold wins high reputation for 2K Molds, Long-life Molds, short-cycle molds, and high gloss polishing molds, 3K Mold team will insist the original intention at foundation, improve continually, working hard to be one of the important company in the supply chain of each industry.

The development trend

Through All 3K Mold team hard working together, company is developing rapidly tends to globalization tendency of supply chain,  our customers group starts from Western Europe, North America, extend to Eastern Europe and South America.
In 2016, 3K Mold starts developing domestic market, now have cooperation with 2 Tier-One companies, they are very satisfied for the quality and service.
In the future, 3K Mold will insist unswervingly our Operation Principle, Quality First, Customer-Oriented, Value-Added, provide global customer high performance plastic injection molds.

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