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3K Mold is proud that owns a strong Engineering team with 30 know-how engineers, each of them have different technical background, based on this point, we can provide customers the following professional service,
Product development, when you have an idea, and reasonable budget, we can convert it to reality products, fast and not expensive, Shenzhen is a creative city have many advantages at electronics development, we have rich resource to realize your idea.
Manufacturability analysis, based on our real experience in manufacturing field, we provide customers comments for their products, increase quality stability, and decrease manufacturing cost.
Mold design & manufacturing, this is our core business, each year we export more than 260 molds to Europe and US market, in Automotive, Packaging, Medical, Electronics, Home appliance industries.
Injection molding production, we have injection machines in house, and a team to ensure quality, your plastic parts will be produced with high quality level.


As the head of 3K Mold, Engineering team strictly carry out operation principle in daily work.

Quality First, When there is anything interfere with quality, designers always consider quality first.
Customer-Oriented: Designers always listen to customer, fulfill customer request, make sure all standards are correct to customer specification.
Value-Added: How to design a mold with minimum troubles during its Life time, is always a big discussion in Engineering Dept., and we always try to optimize the cooling system as good as we can, so customer can reach the minimum molding cycle time.

As most of our Tools & Molds export to Europe and America, without a strong project management team, it is impossible to be successful, thus we invest project management continuously, introduce professional Mould ERP system, optimize work procedure, training project team, to let company Core Value to be carried out in every corner.

Honest, no cheating allowed in communication.
Transparency, nothing hiding to customer, show everything.
Win-Win, Consider Win-Win in all matters, all troubles, all solutions.

We have the following advantages for project management,
Fast response, normally engineers reply your email or question within one day. 
Good Communication, all project engineers speaks English, and have design background.
Professional solution, all engineers can provide customer good solution for technical problems or troubles.


3K Mold have been in plastic injection molding industry for more than 16 years, knows very well how important that the quality of TOOLS & MOLDS mean to Efficiency, where is the quality comes from? Not from out-dated technology, cheap material, old equipment, oppositely, we need top technology, top material, top equipment, all these facts are important for creating high quality TOOLS & MOLDS, then all processes are high efficient, and everyone get benefit from the high efficiency.

Today all over the world, things move ahead faster and faster, competition gets stronger and stronger day by day, how to keep alive in the world, how to keep a corporation continuous value-added, is a question worth all managers think about. After many years practice, 3K Mold realized that the core competition is to keep efficient, no matter how the world changes, high efficiency helps corporation keeping alive, keeping benefit, keeping excellent.

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