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At 3K Mold, we always say that, machine is important for quality, but team is more important, so we train all our technical workers continuously, to make them all learns more and more skills about machines operation, and well understand quality standard, and automatically follow it without any doubts,  then we can provide good products that fits all customer requirements.

In order to fulfill customer requirements, keep quality level,  and to be more efficient, we introduce high tech machines every year,  meanwhile we introduce  top management  system in the industry, by this way our quality is getting higher and higher, our lead time is shorter and shorter, today we are proud that 3K Mold is one of the most competitive Mold making company in the market.

Tool testing and Production

HAIXONG 98 ton

HAIXONG 188 ton

HAITIAN  120 ton

HAITIAN  280 Ton

Borche 600T 2K, second barrel at back side, have both rotating table and rotating core.

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