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At 3K Mold, Quality First is not only a word, but an instruction for all people in our team, it is also a principle for every step during mold manufacturing and Testing, we insist this concept from project startup till the end, that ensures high quality of final product. By insisting this quality policy, we are able to grow up fast in the past years.


At 3K Mold, we discuss how to make every detail as perfect as possible including even each chamfer, each sharp edge of mold components, the way to realize the machining accuracy etc., all these experience are very helpful to us, according to ISO9001 Standard, and our real operation experience, we established own quality control system. This supports 3K Mold Team keeping growing quickly.

We keep trainning our team technical capacity and quality concept, keep pushing our team following the procedure of quality control, to make sure quality principle can be carried out from product design to production. Meanwhile we listen to our customers request, keep optimize quality standard, keep high quality level, we are proud to be one of the most reliable partner to all our customers.

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