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Professional Plastic injection molding company in China

Professional Injection mold company

Founded in early 2011, Shenzhen 3K Mold Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing precision molds that are superior to the industry standards for the automotive industry, consumer electronics, packaging and medical industry. After years of development, our management has continuously improved and quality has steadily advanced. The production capacity and efficiency have witnessed ramp-up year by year. Currently, 300 sets of small and medium-sized precision molds (of 8 tons and below) can be manufactured annually, and more than 80% of the molds are exported to Germany, France and the United States.

After years of technical accumulation, 3K Mold has been well recognized by the industry in the field of double shot molds, long-life & short-cycle precision molds and high gloss polishing molds.

The company will adhere to the goal at its establishment, continuously improve, and strive to become an indispensable part of the supply chain of various industries.

With the efforts of all 3K Mold people, the company has developed rapidly and adapted to the general trend of supply chain globalization. The company's customers have extended from Western Europe and North America to Eastern Europe and South America.

Since 2016, 3K Mold has begun to explore the domestic market. At present, the company has cooperated with two first-tier customers to bring the quality concept and quality requirements of high-end customers in developed countries to them, which has been highly recognized.

The development trend

Through All 3K Mold team hard working together, company is developing rapidly tends to globalization tendency of supply chain,  our customers group starts from Western Europe, North America, extend to Eastern Europe and South America.
In 2016, 3K Mold starts developing domestic market, now have cooperation with 2 Tier-One companies, they are very satisfied for the quality and service.
In the future, 3K Mold will insist unswervingly our Operation Principle, Quality First, Customer-Oriented, Value-Added, provide global customer high performance plastic injection molds.

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