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3K Mold has a technical team consisting of 30 engineers it takes pride in, each of whom has his/her own technical background. Based on this, we can provide the following professional services to our customers.
Product development,  If you have an idea and have a reasonable budget, we are capable to rapidly convert your idea into actual products at a lower cost. Shenzhen, this innovative city, has an absolute advantage in the development of electronic products. We have rich resources to realize your dreams.
Manufacturing feasibility analysis. Based on years of practical experience in manufacturing, we can provide customers with professional feasibility analysis to help customers improve the stability of product quality while reducing manufacturing costs.
Mold design & manufacturing, this is our core business, Each year we export more than 260 sets of molds to European and American markets, serving customers in the automotive, packaging, medical, electronics and home appliance industries.
Injection molding production, We have our own injection molding shop and quality management & control team to ensure that the quality of each plastic product manufactured is of the high criteria.


As the soul of 3K Mold, our technical team, when handling anything each day, strictly abides by the company's business philosophy.

Quality First,  For anything, as long as it is conflicting with quality requirements, we always adhere to the concept of quality first.
Customer-Oriented: Our engineering technicians will listen carefully to the voices of our customers, understand their needs, and enable their standards to be truly implemented.
 Services Value-Added: How to ensure that the molds have longer service lives and can be operated smoothly is the most discussed problem of our engineering team. We do our utmost to optimize the cooling design and minimize the molding cycles.

As most of our Tools & Molds export to Europe and America, without a strong project management team, it is impossible to be successful, thus we invest project management continuously, introduce professional Mould ERP system, optimize work procedure, training project team, to let company Core Value to be carried out in every corner.Most of our molds are exported to Europe, US and North America. Without the support of a strong project management team, it is difficult to imagine a long-term success. Therefore, we continuously invest in project management, bring in the professional mold ERP system, constantly optimize the process and train project management professionals to implement the company's core values in all aspects.
Honesty and integrity. We never deceive customers in communication. We deliver on the promises made to customers.
Fairness and transparency. We never hide facts deliberately. Our information is transparent.
Mutual benefits and win-win. We will fully consider mutual benefits in case of any trouble or any problem.

Our project management has the following 3 advantages:
Fast response, Usually we will reply to questions of customers on the same day when we receive the questions.
Good Communication, All project management professionals have technical backgrounds and can communicate in English.
Professional solutions, Regardless of any question, our project professionals will provide professional solutions for customers to choose from.

In today's society, the pace is getting increasingly faster and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. How to maintain the long-term survival of the company and how to make the value of the company grow continuously are worthy of consideration for all managers.
With years of experience, 3K Mold realizes that for long-term survival, we must maintain core competitiveness and our core competitiveness lies in maintaining our high efficiency. No matter how the world changes, high efficiency will make the company remain invincible, maintain profits and excellence.
The management of 3K Mold has more than 16 years of experience in the mold industry. They deeply understand the importance of mold quality for efficiency. Where does quality come from? It cannot come from underdeveloped technology, inferior raw materials, and outdated equipment. On the contrary, we need the best technology, quality raw materials, and efficient equipment to ensure the high quality of molds or tools. When all our manufacturing processes are most efficient, every part in the supply chain will benefit from it.

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