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In 3K Mold, Quality first is more than just words, but the code of conduct of our team. It is the guide for each step from mold manufacturing to testing. In the whole process from project initiation to completion, we have been adhering to this concept and ultimately guarantee the high quality of products. It is thanks to the consistent quality concept that 3K Mold is capable to develop and grow rapidly after establishment.


In our team, we discuss the details of the mold chamfer, how to ensure the sharp corners of parts and how to machine to ensure the accuracy of parts. All these efforts are not in vain. In accordance with the ISO9001 standard, together with the actual operational experience, we have established our own quality management system to enable 3K Mold to grow continuously in the fiercely competitive market.

We train the whole team continuously with technical capabilities and quality concept, and constantly urge everyone in the team to implement our quality philosophy in his/her own procedures. In this way during the whole process from product design to completion, the quality can be effectively guaranteed. 
Meanwhile, we listen to the voices of our customers, constantly improve quality standards, and maintain the high criteria, to become a reliable partner for customers.

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