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  • 双色模具(油缸移动)展示

    2K Mold (Hydraulic movement) show

    Sanitary product,water seal switch,2k Mold with hydraulic movement structure.

  • 旋转叶轮模具展示

    Vane wheel mould

    Special curve rotating slides structure, hydraulic rack moving.

  • 双色推钶转模具展示

    2K Mold with Index plate

    Automotive Insulation parts, Index plate, rotate by machine

  • 汽车后出风口外壳模具展示

    Auto rear air vent cover mould

    Complex hydraulic slides system, tunnel hydraulic slides at core side.

  • 洗衣机面板模具展示

    Washing machine Panel mould

    High quality requirement for surface finish,Mirror polish.

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